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  • Halloween Wall Art - DIY Paper Plate Spiders






    Make your own wall hanging spiders, with colourful paper plates & pipe cleaners. Kids lover these!




    Paper plates ( we’ve used a mix of colours)
    Pipe cleaners
    Googly eyes
    Sticky tape PVA glue

    1. With scissors, cut 8 pipe cleaners in half for the spider legs and fold in half.


    2. Turn your paper plate over & use sticky tape to attach 4 legs on either side of the plate.


    3. Brush PVA glue to the back of the googly eyes and stick creatively onto the front of the plate.


    4. Use sticky tape to attached string to the back of the plates and hang your paper plate spiders on the wall for spooky but fun Halloween event decor.



  • Creepy Crawly DIY Halloween Glow Jar Decoration

    Make your own What A Store DIY Halloween Creepy Crawly Jars as featured in Kid Zone and Total girl Magazine



    Hessian Sheet
    Wood Wool
    LED Light
    Leather Rope
    Spider / Creepy Crawly


    Time to make
    Approx 5 mins



    1. Get your jar and wood wool ready.


    2. Place the wood wool inside the empty jar neatly.


    3. Turn the LED light on, put it on the top of the wood wool.


    4. Put a creepy crawly on top of the wood wool, so you can see it.


    5. Close the lid, so the creepy crawly can not escape ( just joking)


    6. Place the hessian sheet over the top of the jar.


    7. Tie the leather rope around the hessian sheet. And there you have it! A glowing creepy crawly table decoration for Halloween!



  • A Handful Of Fun - DIY Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets



    Pipe cleaners
    Googly Eyes
    Craft Pom Poms
    PVA Glue


    1. Twirl the pipe cleaner around your finger to shape.


    2. Add a drop of PVC glue to the back of the googly eyes.


    3. Stick both googly eyes to a craft pom pom to make the head.


    4. Attach the pom pom head to the twirled pipe cleaner.


    5. Welcome your new finger puppet!


    6. Bring to life a handful of finger puppets with different colours.



  • DIY AFL Footy Finals Pom Poms

    01_footy_pom_poms 02_footy_pom_poms 03_footy_pom_poms 04_footy_pom_poms 05_footy_pom_poms 06_footy_pom_poms 07_footy_pom_poms 08_footy_pom_poms 09_footy_pom_poms

  • DIY Mason Glow Jars

    DIY, fun activity - glow in the dark jars fairy lights.






    • Glass Jar
    • Glow sticks
    • Sticky tape
    • Scissors
    • Glitter Butterfly
    • Pom Pom Trim
    • Metallic Trim (Sequin String)

    Step 1 - Get your jar & glow sticks ready...



    Step 2 - With scissors, cut the tops off the glow sticks.



    Step 3 - Place glow sticks into jar & let the liquid drip down into the jar. Leave for 5 minutes



    Step 4 - Add glitter into jar, put lid on and swirl liquid around.



    Step 5 - Decorate the outside and twirl the Pom Pom trim & Metallic Trim around the jar and use sticky tape to secure.



    Step 6 - Complete & add a glitter butterfly on top of the lid with sticky tape.



    Step 7 - Now turn off the lights and see them look magical! Feel free to add your on twist that you know will make your children smile. Enjoy :)


  • Paper Plate Crown DIY

    An easy, cute, customisable crown fit for any prince or princess!





    What you will need:

    • Paper plate/s
    • Acrylic paints (optionally: watercolour paints)
    • Scissors

    Step 1: First off, grab your paper plate and fold it in half. Then take your scissors and cut it all the way to the brim in the way shown below. Make sure to cut along the fold also. (If you want, you can cut off the brim if you don't like the effect it gives)



    Step 2: Then grab your paints and do whatever you feel like! This bit is all up to you, you can paint the crown as much or as little as you want.


    As well as using acrylic paints, you can also use watercolour paints to create any look you want.

    This crown was made by using acrylic paints, adding water, dripping it down the points. (You can also obviously use watercolour paints to create this effect)




  • Paper Bag Octopus DIY

    An easy paper bag DIY that the whole family can enjoy doing!





    What you will need:

    • Paper bag/s
    • Acrylic paints
    • Googly eyes
    • Scissors
    • PVA glue

    Optional: glitter or glitter paint

    Step 1: Get your paper bag and paint it any colour you desire. Mix colours together to create new ones and to customise your octopus.




    Step 2 (optional): Get your glitter or glitter paint and go over the top of this to create a nice glittery effect. Wait for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step.

    Step 3: Get your googly eyes and glue these down onto the "face" of the octopus with PVA glue.




    Step 4: Get your scissors out and cut the end of the paper bag into strips and your paper bag octopus is done! (You can also glue both sides of the strips together so they aren't separated and you can't see the unpainted bits.) Crumple and fold these strips to give the octopus a more real-life look.


  • Hungry Hungry Caterpillar DIY

    A super easy DIY inspired by the children's book "The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar" comes this cute craft of none other than the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar!




    What you'll need:

    • Cardboard egg carton
    • Red, green and yellow acrylic paints
    • Brown or orange pipe cleaners
    • Black marker pen

    Step 1: Start off by cutting out a row of 3 from the egg carton, evening out when needed if uneven





    Step 2: Paint the egg carton, with the first bit a dark red and the next two a forrest-y green.




    Step 3: Once the red section is dry, grab your yellow paint and draw two oval shapes where you would like the eyes to be. Once this is dry proceed to draw smaller green ovals in the centre of them to complete the eyes. Using your black marker, draw the nose in underneath.




    Step 4: Using your scissors, poke a hole in the top of the caterpillars head; this is where we're going to place the antennas.




    Step 5: Take out your orange or brown pipe cleaner and cut off a section of about 2 inches. Fold this in half and then fold the ends down a little bit to create the antennas. Stick this into the hole made in the caterpillar's head and your Hungry Hungry Caterpillar is complete!


  • Egg Carton Whale DIY

    An easy, cute, little whale DIY to keep you or your children busy.





    What you will need:

    • Cardboard egg carton
    • Blue acrylic paint
    • Blue pipe cleaners
    • Blue craft paper
    • Googly eyes
    • Black marker pen
    • PVA glue
    • Scissors

    Step 1: Start off by cutting out singular pieces from the egg carton, however many you would like to make. You may wish to even out these pieces if they are uneven from being cut out.




    Step 2: Then paint these pieces blue and leave to dry, remember to put down newspaper or regular paper on wherever you're painting so you don't get paint everywhere! (While you're waiting for this to dry you can cut out the tail and fins seen in step 5)




    Step 3: With your scissors, cut an x into the top of the egg carton shell. Then collect your pipe cleaner/s, cut them in half and then fold those pieces in half.




    Step 4: Get these folded pipe cleaners and twist them together on the bottom and then stick through the x made in the egg carton. Twirl the tops of these to give the effect of water spurting out of the whale.






    Step 5:  Cut out the whale tail and fins using the blue craft paper following the general shape shown. You can either stick this on with sticky tape or with PVA glue.




    Step 6: Glue down the googly eyes and draw on the face and your whale is complete!


  • 3D hand drawing

    A how-to on how to make this 3D hand drawing that you can show of to your friends and family.




    What you will need:

    • Paper
    • Greylead pencil
    • Black marker
    • Coloured markers

    Step 1: Start off by tracing your hand with a greylead pencil

    Step 2: Then, using your black marker, draw a straight line that goes to where the hand outline starts, then when you get to the start of this outline, draw a slightly curved line across this until you get to the other side where you will continue drawing a straight line outwards



    Step 3: Continue doing this method all the way up the hand. When you get to the fingers, customise the way the line curves to match up with the way the finger is going. For instance, if your finger is going on a diagonal, make the curved line follow the same diagonal. Also remember to continue a straight line when your not within the hand outline, this is what gives the 3D effect e.g when you're between fingers.



    Step 4: You can then add colour to this drawing by taking the coloured markers and going underneath where the black marker is. If you don't like the look of the black marker, you can do this drawing in any colour by following the same exact steps and substituting the black for colour.



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